mega March holiday fun 

Since my mum was off to Korea for the entire March school hols, this meant that Ethan would be home all day with the twins and I. More ready now than during my confinement month to juggle all 3 kiddos, I made ready plans to occupy him & fam time together and oh my, what a week it was! Quite a blessing that my maternity leave coincided with his school hols. 

Even before the hols began, we alr brought him to his dream come true – Art Zoo! A bouncy park in the shape of animals, what’s not to like?! 

On the Monday of the hols, we set off to GBB with our friends to check out the dinos. He was really excited about it except for the dino mascot but the heat was too intense for all of us and after an hour, we decided to beat a hasty retreat to Marina Square food court & playground. City kids indeed haha. 

Cute balloon display at Marina Square 

That GBB outing didn’t last very long so imagine my surprise when a few days later as we were driving past the GBB area, he suddenly said “mama rmb you bring me to see the dinosaurs”. Wow, guess the super trees are a notable landmark??? 

On Tues & Wed, Kwee was on leave so we hung out together. Tuesday began with brekkie at Tampines Hub where we discovered a delicious dried mee sua dish at the hawker centre followed by some Timezone action where E got to ride the motorised car while his bros watched on. We initially just wanted to bring him to the free playground but he was begging for the car ride once he spotted it beside it! Next time, i’ll have 3 boys begging 😅… maybe cheaper for me to get one of our own. 

That same night, we headed to Marine Cove ECP for the first time & had a great time! Macs dinner followed by playground fun and walk along the beach. As long as we were on the move, the twins would be ok to sit in the pram without fussing. Once we stop for more than ten mins, they would fuss. So I guess this ensures we walk off everything we eat. While at Macs, a family who was leaving smiled at us & pointed to their girl & boy & said: “we have twins too! we bought the same pram as you but sold it cause it was too heavy.” At 12kg, it is very heavy but also pretty solid to meet our needs at the moment. When they can both walk, we probably won’t be needing it as much. 

On Wed, we headed to USS at about 4pm after dropping the twins off at my mil’s. Mindef had gifted kwee with credits for the birth of the twins under a “family recognition voucher” and we could use it to redeem 2 adult & 1 child USS tickets. We were beyond excited cause we had never been to USS as a family & not since we got married. In fact the past 2 times we were given tickets by another source, we had chosen to bless our friends with it so we were super looking fwd to our own fun now. 

Once we arrived, we had to look for the nursing room for me to pump while kwee & Ethan walked ard first. We decided to top up to get the annual pass so I wasn’t too stressed about having enough time to cover the park cause I know we’ll be back again. With little kids, & the intense SG heat, I think you can only last 3 hours plus in these attractions before somebody (myself) needs a break. After 1 ride, 1 show & running away from mascots, Ethan said he was hungry so we had to adjourn for dinner. Case in point.


Though E couldn’t clear many of the rides cause of his height, we enjoyed taking in the sights & sounds. Kwee was happy too that he finally got to ride one of the roller coasters. We’ll be back soon hopefully! 

Thursday was my dad’s time with E so he came over to pick E up to go to the T3 playground. Then it was Jolene’s turn on Friday where STB had a “bring yr kids to work” day. Boy did he have fun. He especially loved his batman face paint (though he’s never watched batman) & kept declaring he was batman everywhere he went. My sis said he also introduced himself to her dept & said he was “very nice” lol. 

Saturday morning we headed to ECP again to have breakfast followed by a walk. 

Ppl in the restaurant came up to us & offered everything from sympathetic smiles (when both twins were crying) to encouragement and questions/comments (“how do you cope??/ trying for a girl next?/ I want a boy next!/ tells story about another friend with twins”). More strangers hv spoken to us in these 4 months than in our whole lifetime. I guess that’s the twin effect. 

And so this rounds up an epic March holiday week. We feel so blessed that SG has so many free, open spaces & playgrounds we can bring our kids too, it’s a great place for families truly! Little wonder that Ethan was so reluctant to go to school on Monday. He was like “mama, i want to go holiday!” 

Me too, son. 


3 months

Has it really been only 3 months? I feel like the twins have been in my life forever! In a good albeit sleepless way hahah. I still worry about forgetting one of them in the car when I head out on my own but mostly it has been quite an adventure with 3 kids in the past 3 months. 

At 3 months, Elisha and Evan are super smiley and responsive, especially if you hold them in front of you and talk to them. No stranger anxiety yet so pretty much any smiling human in front of them, they’ll generally take to. Evidenced by the number of aunties who will surround & chat with them when we are out, & if they’re not hungry and crying, would usually return their smiles. In fact, Kwee & I don’t rmb Ethan being this smiley until he was probably 5-6 months old. He always had this solemn face and I rmb being worried that it was a personality thing. 

Elisha tends to be the feisty one still, crying passionately whenever he’s unhappy. He’s also exceptionally fussy at night. Once, he cried through cell and then till 1am at home. Nearly inconsolable and we had to do everything we know to try and calm him without waking the whole house. That said, he’s also very cute and sweet and loves to chat. Sometimes I would hear him talking loudly from his cot at 6ish and if he caught my eye, he would break into the sweetest of smiles. 

Evan is my little charmer with a more calm temperament. Cries softer and less furiously, and has this way of locking eyes with you that makes your heart melt. He’s also the baby we have been porting to night mtgs cause he’s slightly less fussy and more easily pacified when needed. But that means his night owl antics can sometimes keep me up like when he decides not to sleep anymore from 4am onwards. 

Both are managing slightly longer sleeps now so on a gd night, they may be feeding every 3-4 hours instead of every 2-3 hours. I have also decided to cut my 4am pumps to get in more rest. It’s been 3 months of making milk & I’m amazed that I even made it this far. If I only had one baby, I’d have certainly hv more than enough milk but ah well.. with non-latching twins to stimulate the demand & supply, this is as best as I can go. 

Happy 3 months, my little darlings! 

sibling love

It warms my heart everytime I see Ethan dash twds the twins with such love and excitement & he would try to enthusiastically smother, hug and kiss them. Sometimes they’re sleeping so not so great when he wakes them up that way but I guess I wouldn’t have it otherwise. He would often request to carry them and he would at times spontaneously exclaim “I love you so much, elisha evan!” I also expect to see fights and arguments in the future haha but for now, it’s great to see the love he expresses towards them.

Two weeks ago, we also discovered another part of Bedok reservoir that had a playground that was less crowded so I called for a family picnic (more hands to help carry the twins hehe). Ethan was beyond excited to be able to reunite with the sandpit, have noodles for dinner, and even turtles to look at down the reservoir. I remember I used to bring super lots of sand toys cause then all the other kids would flock to him and he would have people to play with – something he really liked. I thought he would likely be my only child so that was one way I could help make up for it. I still hope he learns to make solid friends one day but I’m also really excited for when the twins and him can play together and just enjoy each other. 

In other twin news, I finally bought pacis for them. I am not the kind that can’t stand crying but with 3 small humans who either take turns or very often decide to cry altogether in a concentrated burst, it does amount to quite alot of surround sound. My folks and in-laws have been asking us to give them the pacifier but I had been resisting cause I thought it’d be better to just have them suck on their fingers – free, always available, can self-soothe anytime. Ethan had resisted the paci & opted for fingers and I thought it’d be this way with the twins too.

BUT if anything this far, God has been showing me that truly every child & accompanying journey is different so I should manage my expectations vs reality accordingly. The first would be how the twins refuse to latch – something I honestly didn’t think I would struggle with. After all, I could bf Ethan directly for 9 mths in spite him being NICU for a month. I only pumped more before he was discharged and after I went back to work when he was 6 mths old. This time however, I’m pumping round the clock & it just cannot be more different. The engorgement, the inconvenience of bringing different pumps when I’m out, waking up to pump, & the judgment plus questioning I get. 

The other day, kwee was bottling one twin & aunties who walked past asked if it was breastmilk inside & proceeded to extol the benefits of bm. Seriously?! What if it wasn’t? Does it make me less of a mother? Also, the other day, someone mentioned that Elisha had “formula cheeks” cause he assumed that I wasn’t bf-ing at all. Weird. The twins are on a mixed feeding – 70% still bf and 30% fm, for sheer convenience, I use fm mostly when I’m out so I guess this person only sees me mixing fm to feed. I have learnt not to sweat this but sometimes it still irritates me and I really empathise with other mums who struggle to bf though they so desperately want to. My blessing is I managed to do so for Ethan so I got the full range of experience from latching to now being an exclusive pumper; the struggle is real. 

anyway, since we have introduced the pacis, it has resulted in slightly more calm and less milk wastage cause sometimes they just want to suck for comfort not milk, & it gives all our other caregivers a way to help soothe them too esp in the evenings when they get fussy before bedtime. 

Although I must say they’re so happy and chatty in the mornings and that’s my favourite part of the day with them. No pacis required (: 

the twins’ first CNY

This CNY, I was mostly relaxed and chilled out cause I am on maternity leave and we didn’t need to go back to Batu. I don’t mind being in Batu but the journey back is literally always a pain in the butt. a 4-6 hour pain which builds up fr the causeway and back & since the twins are newborn & no passport, we didn’t have to go back this year. Yay! 

On CNY eve, the sis and I took Ethan to the bird park, free courtesy of her work pass and spent the morning there. We didn’t cover the entire park, just the ones E wanted to see. Namely the owls, flamingoes & penguins. I thought he would love the water park as he did the last time but he spent a mere 30 mins in there only! When I was done pumping in the nursing room & came out all ready to play, he told me “i’m done, mummy”. Kids……. I guess you can do all the planning but in the end, you can’t force or control how they would respond. Since it was his day anyway, I let him decide what to do so we took the tram around the park, had a leisurely lunch that my mum packed for us before getting ready to head home. Couldn’t resist a hilarious shot with the prosperity gods walking around the park – which Ethan wanted no part of. 

We slept in on CNY day 1 then mad rushed 2 homes in the evening. First to kovan grandma’s (kwee) & then to bedok grandma (mine). Tried to take a fam pic before leaving but the twins were having none of it. 

It was the first time most of our relatives were seeing the twins & also Ethan for a long time so there was a lot of excitement all around. My bag was exploding with aps for the 3 kids by the end of that night. 

Was also amused by the notes written on the aps – 

I also received 3 aps fr Aunty M, who is v dear to my heart. She’s a low-income lady fr church and on financial support but when I was sick with lupus 3.5 years ago, she came to my mum & gave her $10 for me, insisting that she buy me something nice. I was so touched, & I still have that $10 note today. Subsequently, she would always give aps or cards to Ethan on special occasions! Super sweet. 

Truly, generosity is the size of your heart, not the size of your wallet and I experienced it in full through Aunty M. 

The subsequent 2 CNY days were spent at my mil’s & my mum’s, eating and catching up with relatives. My dad’s side of the family grew by 4 babies in just one year! Next year, we’ll have them all (& more?) crawling and walking/running! 

our daily grind

The twins are now about 2.5 months old and we have gotten into a sort of daily routine. Ethan is home till about 11am each day before my dad picks him up to go to school so I’m largely occupied with him till then as my helper watches over the twins concurrently. After class, he goes to my parents’ place till dinner so I’ve the rest of the day with the twins before the nightly reunion/chaos again at 6ish. We try to put everyone to sleep by 8.30-9pm with one twin sleeping with kwee, Ethan and I in our bedroom and the other with my helper. We alternate them each night so no favourites there. 

The twins sleep slightly better at night now and are capable of longer stretches. On good nights, they might sleep the full 3 hours to their next feed so that means I am getting a lil more sleep too. of course, they take turns to do a night owl on me – wide-eyed stares at 4am and not wanting to sleep at all after that but thankfully it isn’t like that every night. Mostly, they’re calm after a full feed so that’s we strive for. Night meetings are generally not good for us to be out but if we have to, we’ll bring the twin sleeping with us. In the day, if I hv to head out for more than an hour, then I’ll take one twin with me – usually the one who fed last. As kwee puts it, you snooze you lose. 

I’m still hoping they’ll sleep through the night soon and I’m wondering how to start sleep training with Ethan around without disrupting his sleep. Ah, decisions. 

the twins’ first Christmas

On hindsight, it was a good thing that I popped in November instead of December and I ended my confinement period just before Christmas. This meant I could feast on all the festive food! Our first point of celebration was to have a Christmas eve brunch as a family of 5. I was so excited about getting out, it was funny. We checked out wheelers estate at Seletar and it was totally empty, perfect for us! We loved the open space and quietness but the heritage setting meant there were no lifts or ramp access so the waiter had to carry the pram up for us. Not a problem now since no crowds but I prob won’t come here alone with babies needing prams. 

Though my Thomson Med tingkat food was pretty good, I was soooo sick of it after 28 x 2 meals. The first & only Christmas party I went to was at mil’s and I went nuts; had a can of coke all to myself. Which I suspect led to Elisha burping, farting & crying alot thereafter #bmwoes hahah. Will be more responsible next time. (Evan was unaffected though)

On Christmas evening itself, we went to MBS for their buffet dinner and I felt like I could eat so much more but my hands were tied with the 3 boys. Always feeding someone. I hope the twins will love to eat and fight to feed themselves. Ethan can feed himself but only when he likes the food.. which happens as frequently as the northern lights in SG. Anyway I’m grateful still for my mil who will usually rush to carry one twin while the other will be rotated amongst whoever was willing. The Ongs bought cake to celebrate my bil’s bday and Ethan’s & his delight was so cute.

Our first Christmas pic as a family! It was also really funny loading everyone in the car as all the valets watched cause we took forever – hands filled with both children, pram and gifts. Felt like we had lived half a day by the time we drove off. Sometimes we forget to buckle Ethan and he wld be yelling, “hey! excuse me! help me!” Hilarious. Also a picture of our new normal. 

Right after Christmas, we had a cosy Boxing Day birthday celebration for Ethan. The plan was to go to the SG flyer then lunch at Fish&Co and finally dinner with my family at home. Reality was I had to pump before leaving home, then twins had to feed & when I arrived at my mil’s to deposit the twins, I pumped again cause I was feeling weirdly engorged. E finally asked “can we go for my happy birthday now??” Lol. So we finally set off for the flyer & when we arrived, he didn’t want to go on it! He totally freaked out and said – “I’m scared! I don’t want to go” while refusing to even go to the floor where the ride commenced. Wanted to strangle him. We tried coaxing, negotiating, downplaying his fears but to no avail. Instead he requested to walk in the park downstairs. 

In the end we brought him to the small free 313 playground as kwee and I sat in Toast Box, & he was beyond happy.

Not too long after, I felt engorged and couldn’t really think straight so we headed home for some ice cream (them) & for me to pump. Such a pain literally! 

At night, my family came over & we ordered Chicken Up which I felt was a bit overpriced. Nonetheless, fried chicken’s always a hit and even E ate without fuss. I was also finally able to use the animal printed plates I got in Cebu! Nothing fancy but I know Ethan was super happy just being with us and having ice cream birthday cake. I’m also grateful that he loves his yiyi so much and is always mad excited to see her. I hope as he grows, she’ll also be someone he can trust and open up to, esp as he navigates the tumultuous teenage years.


Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Ethan! 

our triple joy party

One of the things I had always wanted to do was to throw a little party for Ethan to celebrate his birthday but never got round to because he’s a boxing day baby, most people are busy around that season & the function room at my condo is always booked. Since it’s a fastest fingers first booking system, the hubs usually camps before midnight to try to book it but we had not succeeded for the past 2 years till… now. 

Because I was up pumping milk every 3 hours, I decided to just keep logging in and try my hand at it. Finally I was able to secure a 1 Jan lunch booking! woohoo! It was perfect cause there would also be no service that day given that it was watchnight service the night before so it wld be easier for church friends to make it too. I kept rechecking my booking just to make sure it was legit and was actually secretly paranoid till 1 Jan itself that I had perhaps booked the wrong date/someone else had the room. 

With that, party planning was underway. We decided to conveniently throw in the twins’ (sort of) first month celebration alongside since most of our friends haven’t met them yet. I couldn’t go out during that confinement period so I thought I’d just keep it simple by using existing decor I already had, got some photos printed and sent to me via a photo app & call to order balloons. Discussed with a church mate about her making E an owl cake which she agreed to and then ordered safari themed cupcakes online for the twins. Finalised guest list and ordered the food. So grateful for how connected we are today & how everything can just be ordered online. Also grateful for the friends & family who then helped to pick up various things on party day itself so I didn’t need to stretch myself. 

The cutest part of this whole planning was Ethan’s reaction and excitement when he realised that the party was to celebrate his birthday. He kept saying – “mama, are my friends coming for my happy birthday..? hailey, jojo, rara (i am sure he meant sarah)” and when he saw the big balloons in our living room the day before, he got even more excited. I wanted to rent a bouncy castle but condo management didn’t allow so I decided to just set up a small play area. Least the kids could mingle & still have some fun with each other (cause we know no kid will ever sit thru an adult party on chairs).   

The twins too were prepped to meet their guests, all decked out in rompers that the Goh besties got for them. I rmb when I first received them, I thought it’d take awhile for them to grow into it but turns out that they’re like regular babies & not so preemie like Ethan who at age 3, is still wearing pants meant for a 12-month-old!

Although we had intentions to keep the party small, we totally went all out in the end and had about 60ish ppl over. We know it’s hard to make conversation with this many ppl and I’m totally a small group person but every one of these 60 mean something to our family and have seen us through every season so how could we have excluded any?! It was also a great time for me to meet up with friends after a month long of confinement. 

When it came to the song and cake cutting, E suddenly froze up and just could not smile lol. It was hilarious seeing him so shy/shocked to be facing so many ppl and not know how to react. In the end he gave his trademark side eye followed by his super happy laugh. 

how cute is the cake

Happy 3rd birthday, Ethan & Happy First Month, Elisha & Evan! 

the village 

Nothing could have prepared me for the pain that I experienced following my op. With Ethan, I had recovered well and fairly quickly and honestly didn’t remember being in such pain. As a result, I didn’t go to the pharmacy to collect my painkillers and meds when I got discharged. I thought paracetamol was sufficient. Stupid stupid decision.

I spent the next few days home in great pain and by Saturday night, it was so excruciating, I was crying. I couldn’t sleep at all and had to be wheeled on our study chair by kwee. Thank God the twins weren’t home yet and also that my parents had taken E to stay overnight at their place cause I really didn’t know how I would have coped with him or the twins on top of managing myself. That was one of the longest nights of my life. 

On Sunday, I immediately went to collect the meds and obediently took them before the pain set in. For two whole weeks, I felt constant pain and getting to the NICU each day was a real feat. My dad gave me lifts each day but walking & carrying even my cooler bag of milk was still very much a chore. My postpartum bleeding was also very heavy. I am not sure if it’s this way for other mothers but a second c-sect is really no joke. As a friend puts it, it’s like going through labour after the baby is out. 

I also struggled to get up from the NICU couch and couldn’t hold the babies for very long comfortably and yet I wanted to. Those two weeks having to deal with my own pain and caring for the babies plus E1 were tremendous. To top it off, my mum fell very ill after staying a week with me (her old reflux issue came back) and she couldn’t render anymore help. We were on our own. 

After another 2 weeks of winging night shifts feeding the twins back to back, I got up and felt super dizzy & almost blacked out. Fatigue, exhaustion had set in and I just couldn’t go on. Kwee called in for reinforcements and his mum loaned us her helper for the next 6 days. We took this time to recuperate and be strengthened and I thank God for the many family & friends who helped us by bringing Ethan out so we could have more rest. It truly takes a village to raise a child and Im so glad for mine!

I remember one of the repeated things I read when it came to raising twins was to ask for help/not reject help and I totally did. I found that more often than not, friends & family were willing to but they may not know how to in a practical way so if you would just tell them nicely, then they can be helpful. I had someone come over to my place wanting to feed the twins but ended up not succeeding and wasting my precious ebm; wanted to cry when I had to throw a feed away. After that, I decided to just state the type of help I needed and nicely decline if otherwise. No need to add stress to any party! Mostly though I’m grateful for all hands on deck. 

The C-Sect

On 21 Nov 2016, we checked in at about 9am to see Prof Tan before I was hooked up and put in the queue system for the op. I was to be considered an emergency c-sect cause of my IUGR situation but not so emergency that they had to boot pple out of the OT to fit me in so I “queued”. The last time with Ethan, I too had queued till 3pm when the OT became available. I was more experienced and relaxed this time and spent the time talking to the different doctors who came in to talk me through the different things I will be experiencing and needing.

This time however, I felt the doctors (sans my own gynae) was alot more personal and detailed, like they are truly passionate about their work. My anaesthetician kept asking if I had any concerns and questions and even though it wasn’t exactly related to him, I finally told him that I would like very much to see the babies up close before they were whisked away. One of the things I was super sad about wrt Ethan’s birth was how he was whisked away immediately upon delivery and I didn’t get to see nor hold him until 24 hours later. I was pretty certain that even though the twins might come out lightweight, they wouldn’t be in any immediate danger so yes, I would like to see even if I can’t hold them both. He looked so sympathetic and immediately said he would try to ensure that if he was in the room with me.

Soon after, they sent in the pedi who asked us about our first baby and then the twins and how the neo-natal side has been alerted and they will be waiting to receive them once I pop. Four of the pedis will in fact be in the OT with us. The fact that this was a naturally conceived pair of twins brought about quite a bit of excitement as I have been (repeatedly) told that this was rare in SGH. The funniest was probably the MO who then came in to ask if I would like to have my tubes tied, only to be scolded by the midwife who shushed her saying, “shes so young ok! you never know what will the twins or her. dont ask her that now”. Well I wholeheartedly wanted to but I didn’t know if it will further impede my healing and maybe I needed slightly more time to think, not an hour before my op..? The most major decision that day was to give birth and I think that was sufficient.

Finally at about 1pm, I was brought in to the OT and I saw my friendly anaesthetician who continued assuring me that everything was gonna be ok and began administering the epidural. I didn’t even know when my gynae had entered the OT cause as usual, he didnt say anything but finally, at 1.59pm, we heard the first cry and at 2pm, the second cry and subsequently, a symphony of cries as the people in the OT burst into laughter. I did get to see both babies and loved the fact that they had hair, said hello to my darlings before the pedis brought them away.

Then it was just me and the whole litany of staff attending to me. It took a long time for them to stitch me up this round and I could feel constant wiping. More blood loss than previously. When I was finally brought to the observation ward, I was there for 4 hours cause I was bleeding a bit more than “usual”. It was past 6pm when I finally got to see Kwee and my sister. I was tired and dying for a drink but told that I had to continue my fast till 9pm. By 11pm that night, I was breaking out in sweat from the pain. Post-op pain was kicking in real bad and I had to ask for more painkillers. They gave me a shot to my thigh so I could sleep that night.

A few hours later, a nurse woke me to ask if I wanted to express colostrum for the twins and of course I did. What shocked me was that my colostrum came out bloodied. I was horrified when I saw the colour cause I had never encountered it before and neither she nor I knew why it was so stained at first. She was probably a junior nurse still in training (?) cause she asked what I had been eating. When she had left, I googled and realised it was blood-stained! My capillaries might have burst earlier already hence. The only thing I could do was to keep expressing till they were all gone.

The next 2 days in SGH was painful and uncomfortable. The post-op pain from my stitches were unbelievable and even though I forced myself to walk around, I was sweating from the pain. On top of that, I tried my best to express out all the bloodied colostrum so I was literally in pain everywhere on top of heartache that I had to throw out all the colostrum. By Wed, I really couldnt handle any visitors so I told kwee to turn away  ppl who wanted to visit cause I was in such deep pain. After he went home in the evening, I spent most of my night in the NICU with my babies and I was glad for that private time, taking turns to hold them and speak life over them. It made my pain bearable, worthwhile.

And so here they are:

Elisha meaning God is my salvation, born at 1.59pm on 21 Nov 2016 at 1.91kg
Evan meaning YWHW is gracious, born at 2.00pm on 21 Nov 2016 at 1.78kg

My family seeing them for the first time:

& me holding them together for the first time: 

35 weeks – get set, ready, go

As I turned 34 weeks, it appeared that E3’s growth had begun to slow down and stagnate, and he was conserving pumping his blood flows to the brain. This happens when the baby feels there is insufficient nutrients etc for his entire body and would thus reserve for the most important organ – the brain. Weight-wise, the twins weren’t that far apart I felt, at 1.9kg and 1.7kg but Prof Tan was more concerned about the blood flows and immediately labelled E3 as IUGR twin. He said he would see me that weekend on 19 Nov when I turn 35 weeks and then we will decide which is THE day.

I knew from the outset of my barely-speaking gynae that he would definitely pull a sudden or spontaneous decision to deliver me. He didn’t like to discuss any form of “what if” situations with me since it was futile to assume I will be all good (from his perspective) and the best we could do is to watch each week and decide. So I guess I wasn’t completely stunned when he saw me on 19 Nov and then said, “ok. Tmrw deliver?” And I’m like “but it’s Sunday tmrw, do doctors work?” Then he went on about how hard he works and how he works daily but if we do deliver tmrw, ppl wld be pissed with him cause he would have to call down a whole team of people including 4 baby doctors. I get that gynaes are on 24/7 call BUT with a c-sect, you can sorta plan it right? Anyway we finally agreed that it would be Monday 21 Nov then and I would begin my fast from food and drink from midnight.

Kwee and I headed to near my mil’s for our solo coffee/tea date before picking Ethan up & then on impulse, I went to get a pedicure since I haven’t been able to cut my nails on my own for months (kwee does it) and I thought – why not? Last indulgence for a while.

I had been taking my time to prep the twin logistics, borrowing and receiving stuff but nothing like a 48 hour notice on your delivery to get you on track. On Saturday night, Kwee threw together Ethan’s old cot, our helper Faw put together the bouncer and started washing existing bottles we had. On Sunday morning, we dropped E at KFC then went to Kiddy Palace to buy bottles, breastpads, etc. We were gonna utilise our membership as well as KP gifts from COL cell when we realised that that weekend, it was 20% off for regular items so we saved even more $$$. Felt so blessed. Also bought my first tin of 0-6 mth formula milk ever just in case I couldnt produce milk. KP didn’t stock replacement pump parts for my Medela so I had to order that online and hope very hard that I wouldn’t be engorged in the hospital.

We then went to my parents’ place for dinner where we had a last supper of korean army stew and talked about the twins and what it would be like. We also took our last pregnant belly shot. My sister was so sweet to lug home this super cute noah’s ark shape balloon to welcome the twins as well as a delicious choc origin cake so it really felt like a birthday of sorts. Best of all, she also brought home a BOUNCY CASTLE from her friend…it used to belong to his niece and she no longer used it. It’s more like a bouncy playpen but Ethan was so excited. Next time, there will be 3 boys bouncing in there. No one was more delighted than Ethan to oblige with singing happy birthday repeatedly, even in Chinese, and then to partake in the sheer delight of chocolate cake. It was a good night before we meet the twins.